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KBA, Rapida 105-8-SW4-415

KBA, Rapida 105-8-SW4

دستگاه چاپ افست هشت رنگ
مدل :Rapida 105-8-SW4
سایز :74 در 105 سانتی متر
سال ساخت:2002
هشت رنگ
کارکرد:185 میلیون
پشت و رو زن 4/4, 8/0
8-colour offset
Model :Rapida 105-8-SW4
Impression: 185 Mio
acoustic side lay detection
half automatic plate change system
Electronic double sheet control
register system
VariAir system
powder sprayer GRAFIX MEGATRONIC 3000
impression cylinder washing device BALDWIN
separating blowers on feeder
automatic setting of printing pressure
diagonal registration
Camera by perfecting
KBA scantronic
automatic roller wash-up device BALDWIN
Prepared for central compressor
Perfecting 4/4, 8/0
automatic preselecting of sheet format
washcloth winding device
ink unit temperature control BALDWIN
Voice system
suction-tape feed table
Air Center BECKER
blanket washing device BALDWIN
steel-plate in delivery
automatic pile board adjustment
automatic adjustment for early/late sheet arrival
powder removal
damping unit
COLORTONIC with monitor, with daylight lamp & with floppy disk
water circulation and cooling units BALDWIN
KBA densitronic
antistatic device in feeder with ion blower KERSTEN
steel-plate in feeder
hickey remover